Extraordinary coaching to help you see and navigate what’s next

You can feel the call of something new, something important, but lack of clarity and confidence hold you back. No more.

get unstuck ∙ create momentum ∙ grow your vision


Shift your energy right now


Where you go depends on where you are looking

You don’t need a new strategy.

You need a new way of seeing.

Look forward.


Leadership is all about you...
so it can become nothing about you.

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Are you ready?

When you see can see the people and circumstances around you differently - on purpose and at will - the people and circumstances you’ve been looking at can change. When you align with a vision that is compelling and contagious, you inspire and empower others to show up fully, with passion and excellence.

The Lead Differently Framework asks four simple questions that, when answered and aligned, engage the very best of who you are and change what happens next.


Schedule a
Power Session

Leadership begins with you. In this 90-minute intensive session, we’ll get right to the core of what is holding you back - and what moves you forward.

You’ll leave with a sense of clarity and confidence about what to do next and a mental basket full of actionable insights. You may say, “Thanks, Chris. That was amazing!” or “Let’s get started. What’s next!”

That’s what the Power session is all about: getting to that feeling of renewal that comes with clarity and movement.

Attend the Workshop

The Resilient Leader is a 2-day intensive workshop for leaders and change-makers - from CEOs to team leaders to disruptors.

By the time you leave, you will have remembered, created or transformed the vision that inspired you. You will be able to articulate that vision with a contagious clarity that raises goosebumps and engages both hearts and minds. And you will have toolbox full of strategies to keep seeing differently, so every day is the simple act of asking, “What does my vision look like today, right now, in this moment?”

Bring it to
Your Team

How do you bring this energy into your organization? How do you overcome resistance and solve your unique problems?

  • Schedule a private workshop, so your entire team can step up to lead.

  • Schedule private coaching for team members who bring high value but need to grow into their leadership roles.

  • Have me by your side and in your ear, reminding, coaching, nudging, problem-solving, and cheering you on.


We’ve had the best teachers.



October 2017

I now feel ready to own my brilliance and have the confidence to take my leadership to the next level.  I look forward to inspiring my team and changing my community for the better

Shirar Patterson / President & CEO, United Way of Eastern Maine



Three ways to begin leading differently today.

Have you lost track of your vision? Your confidence? Your energy? Here are three 5-minute exercises I've used with hundreds of leaders to help them shift their thinking (and energy) quickly.