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What if…

This is the question we asked - and you answered. What if you could connect with others who want to lead differently? What if inspiration and support was a click away? What if you could start wherever you are and find the resources you need now? What if you could imagine more, engage more, be more, create more? Welcome to the Center for Inspired Leaders. Join now (its free!)

A Peek Inside

As a member of the Center for Inspired Leaders you will have free access to…

a Community

of like-minded colleagues

  • Ongoing dialogue, sharing and support

  • Q & A

  • Your own private mailbox

Daily Inspiration
& Resources

  • Positively Positive

  • Seth Godin

  • Elizabeth Gilbert

  • Brene Brown

  • Good Life Project

  • TED Talks

Time with Chris

  • Free weekly coaching call-ins

  • Free monthly Masterclass or Hot Seat Sessions

Your Notebook

  • All of your notes and highlights from your courses and workshops in one place


Courses & Workshops


14 Days from Stressed to Inspired

A powerful 14-day mentored journey to help you "get out of your head," shift your mindset, and pivot from stressed to inspired. I'll be with you each step of the way.

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Inspired Leadership Masterclass

An online video workshop to help you powerfully engage, empower and inspire – starting with you! This is the online version of Chris' day-long workshop of the same name.

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Introduction to Mindfulness

This 6-week course walks you through guided meditation, mindful breathing, and observation practices to help you gain the benefits of present moment awareness. 

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Loving Life 101

Like having Chris right in your ear. More than 10 hours of audio stories, strategies, exercises, examples, reflections and inspired lessons for every part of your life.

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Individual and Group Coaching with Chris

Every leader who realizes their vision meets a guide along the way, someone who helps them bridge the gap between where they stand and where they want to be – as an individual, a leader, a team, an organization. Chris has served as that guide for hundreds of seekers and leaders and knows we need different kinds of help at different stages of our journeys. Below are some of the ways you can access this kind of support - exactly when you need it and in the format that works for you.

  • Jumpstart Session - That single, laser focused sit-down with Chris to understand exactly where you stand and what steps will move you forward.

  • Walking Sessions - When you just want to walk on the beach with Chris and sort things out.

  • Group Coaching - Perhaps because it fits your budget, perhaps because the accountability and support of being part of a group is a fit for you.

  • Mastermind Group - A small cohort of colleagues ready to go deep in pursuit of their goals.

  • 1:1 Coaching - When you need that focused 1:1 attention to help you get unstuck and move toward real clarity of purpose and vision.




Our Commitment to Growth

We will continue to add courses, workshops, masterclasses, coaching and other growth opportunities - both with Chris and with guest leaders and teachers. And because you went first, you will always have first access.