coaching is…

all about bridging the gap between where you stand and where you want to be –
as an individual, a leader, a team, an organization.

You may know exactly where you want to go, but not know how to get there.

You may think you know where to go, but wonder if you are asking
the right questions to reach the right conclusions.

You may know it’s time for change, but haven’t a clue what is possible
or how you’d get there.

Whatever the case, a linear fix-what’s-wrong-and-hope-for-the-best approach won’t do. You need a partner to walk with you, guiding the way and following your lead,
opening doors and trusting your navigation, giving you tools and
helping you discern which to use.

Here are some ways to begin moving in this new direction…


Jump Start Session - $350/single laser-focused session

Sometimes you need a jumpstart, a chance to share your questions, dilemmas and challenges with someone who can help you see it differently, ask different questions, and see solutions that have eluded you. The Jump Start Session is a 90 minute to 2 hour session designed to do just that. Don’t feel clear? It matters little where you start, for we always find our way to the most important issues. Many have found this single session enough to gain real clarity and design a new plan of action. Once you purchase your session, Chris will call to schedule. Or call contact Chris to discuss your needs.

Group Coaching - cost and structure varies

If you are like many leaders, you work in relative isolation, with few people around you who genuinely understand your challenges - or your personal doubts and insecurities. Group coaching allows you to blend support from Chris with the opportunity to support and learn from others who “get" it.” Many find this option more affordable and more rewarding than 1:1 coaching.

Chris regularly creates new coaching groups based on shared needs and interests. You may create your own or call Chris to inquire about current possibilities.

Mastermind Group - please inquire

The Mastermind Group is a unique kind of coaching group in which 5-6 professionals enter into a year-long commitment - with Chris and with each other - to learn and grow together while pursuing their own high level goals. The group provides mutual support, accountability, problem-solving, learning, resources, and friendship - all within a safe and confidential cohort.

The Mastermind Group meets once a month for about 2 hours, either in person or via Zoom Conferencing, with an optional 45-minute touchpoint session mid-month. Twice a year, Chris hosts a day-long gathering, at a central location, for more intensive learning and support. If this piques your interest, call Chris to explore the current options.

Walking Sessions - $50/session

Wish you just could just take walk on the beach with Chris and sort things out? You can. More affordable than other 1:1 coaching sessions, and with no long-term commitment, these sessions are more informal and less structured.

Scheduled during daily dog walks or puttering around the office, we’ll meet by phone (vs Zoom or in-person). While you may hear some background noise or experience occasional interruptions (picking up after the dog!), you will nonetheless have Chris’ full attention and guidance. It is the perfect solution when you just need to sort things out with a trusted advisor. Once you purchase your session, Chris will send an email with a link to schedule your time.

1:1 Coaching - $550/mo or $1350 for 3-month prepaid contract

Chris maintains a limited schedule for those who wish to work individually and privately, focusing on a particular goal or change process. Sessions are scheduled weekly (up to four/month) during the first three months, then are flexible.

Individual coaching is contracted in segments of 12 sessions. If you wish to meet without a long-term commitment, please schedule a JumpStart Session.

Once you purchase your package, Chris will call to schedule. Or call contact Chris to discuss your needs.