coaching is…

all about bridging the gap between where you stand and where you want to be –
as an individual, a leader, a team, an organization.

You may know exactly where you want to go, but not know how to get there.

You may think you know where to go, but wonder if you are asking
the right questions to reach the right conclusions.

You may know it’s time for change, but haven’t a clue what is possible
or how you’d get there.

Whatever the case, a linear fix-what’s-wrong-and-hope-for-the-best approach won’t do. You need a partner to walk with you, guiding the way and following your lead,
opening doors and trusting your navigation, giving you tools and
helping you discern which to use.

Here are some ways to begin moving in this new direction…


90-minute Power Session - $350

Leadership begins with you. In this 90-minute intensive session, we’ll get right to the core of what is holding you back - and what moves you forward.

You’ll leave with a sense of clarity and confidence about what to do next and a mental basket full of actionable insights. You may say, “Thanks, Chris. That was amazing!” or “Let’s get started. What’s next!”

That’s what the Power session is all about: getting to that feeling of renewal that comes with clarity and movement. Once you purchase your session, Chris will call to schedule. Or call contact Chris to discuss your needs.

12 -session 1:1 Coaching Package - $2900 or 3 monthly payments of $1000

Chris maintains a limited schedule for those who wish to work individually and privately, focusing on a particular goal or change process. Sessions are scheduled weekly (up to four/month).

Once you purchase your package, Chris will call to schedule. Or call contact Chris to discuss your needs.