What's got your attention?


There certainly is an awful lot to distract us these days, isn't there? Politically, financially, professionally, personally... So much that feels "not right."

So we get distracted. We get so caught up talking about what needs to change - in us and around us - that we completely lose sight of the beauty of what is.

And here's the crazy part. In so doing, we mirror those who preach the gospel of lack; who are only powerful when they convince us that the world is a mess.

It isn't. It's actually quite beautiful, overflowing with people of courage and generosity and extraordinary brilliance at a level we've never known before.

Of course, there is messiness! That's the stuff of life and evolution and growth. We will never stop solving problems and birthing new ways of being. But that's not the main event. It's just "stuff."

Think about carpenters going to work on an old fixer-upper. If their attention gets locked on what's wrong with the house, they will flop from one repair to another, always finding yet one-more-problem just beneath the previous. It never ends.

The smart ones look beyond the mess to find what is still strong and healthy in the house, then build on it. In fact, they will be quite excited about what they've discovered. They'll talk animatedly about what is possible and, with each new step, get even more jazzed by the unique opportunities offered by this house.

This is the process of co-creation and IT IS FUN!

We are the leaders and life changers. This is our calling. Let us not get so distracted by what we want to change that we can't see the change that is possible.

That is, after all, why we are here!