What to do next (Hint: it's not on your task list)


Are you really good at looking competent? Underneath, do you shake your head and think, "Man, if they only knew"? You accept these feelings as if they are part of the deal; imposter syndrome, right? Deep stuff. No time to deal with that s--t, you assure yourself. I've got stuff to do!

But what if you could do something about it? Right now?

What if that feeling is simply a misalignment between what you are doing and what is most important to do - the thing that, if you did it, would have the greatest impact on what matters most.

"Have you seen my task list?" you ask, exasperated. "And I squeeze that between putting out fires all day!"

I have no time for big picture stuff.

Or do you? That dissonance between what you know is most important and what you are doing does not go away because you "don't have time." No, it gets louder. It tightens your stomach, steals your energy and fogs your brain. It gets harder and harder to keep up the facade. "If they only knew..."

Ironically, what matters most rarely requires much time. Doing even a little - just one action in the direction of it - can diffuse that dissonance inside. What follows is breath (inspiration), energy, confidence and an opening up of mental space that you forgot was - well, you.

Today, this morning, maybe right now, ask the question:

What is the one thing that, if I did it, would have the greatest impact on my highest goals?

Then, when you think, "what's next?" (or better yet, "what's first?"), do that one thing - even in microcosm, even a little bit in the direction of it - and you'll feel the rush of alignment.

That's inspired leadership.