What if you did this one thing to lead today?


I don't have time to lead!

Bzzz. False. Here is one thing to do - right now, in this moment - that responds to the only important question you need to answer: "What does inspired personal leadership look like today?"

It won't feel like enough and it will feel too simple. It will feel like you should be doing something more profound, more "strategic," more time consuming.

Nonsense. These thoughts are just distractions from doing what matters most. Ask this: Why do big stuff that gets small results when I can do little stuff that gets big results? (BTW, the real answer is: Because the big stuff makes me feel more "professional" and like I am playing the expected role of "leader."

Get over it. Do one thing - right now, in this moment.

If you are near those you lead, get up right now, watch for a second, notice one thing (no matter how small) that is worth admiring, then tell them. "That was great. I love the way you... Thanks."  Not near them? Send an email. Make a call. Shoot a text.

Don't clutter it up with anything else. Just one appreciation, followed by, "just wanted you to know."

Now watch. Watch the fall out in the way they hold themselves, how they communicate with you, the ideas they share. Then stay alert to the ripples that flow out of that simple act, tomorrow and the next and the next.

That's leadership. Simple actions; big results. What if you did this three times every day - 15 times/week, 60 times/month, 3000 times/year. And it cost you 10 minutes/day max - probably way, way less - as little as three minutes? What if you refused to go home each day until you had done this? How would this change the culture in your workplace, the feeling of commitment, the desire to be excellent?

You can wait to do the complicated stuff (though you'll probably never get to it) or you can do one thing that you can do right now, in this moment, to lead.

Go, do it!