What happens the day after? A message of hope.



This is not a post about the US presidential election, which has exhausted our spirits and frayed our nerves. Nor am I interested in the banal debates that even the slightest provocations seem to trigger these days. (So don't do it. I won't allow it.) (Make no mistake, I have an opinion - an unequivocal, solid as a rock opinion that is rooted in my deepest values, and grounded in what I've known since kindergarten about fairness and compassion, the difference between imperfection and malevolence, and the knowledge that bullies hurt because they are hurt.)

No, this is about who we will be the day after; whether we will vigorously claim our power to determine, through our focus, how we feel and how we name each other - or whether we will surrender that power to others.

Rarely have we experienced such a profound challenge to being intentional vs reactive. Everything in us wants to be reactive, feels utterly justified in being reactive, n-e-e-e-ds to be reactive. I mean, look at what's happening!! How could this be? What does this mean? Who is to blame?

And what. will. happen. next? 

But this begs the far more important question: Will we allow anyone or anything - Hillary or Donald, MSNBC or Fox "News," even who wins or who loses - to determine how we feel and what WE do next. Will we surrender that power to the very people and events over which we have so little control?

Here is what I know. Wednesday morning the sun will rise, new life will come into the world, and we will once again have the precious opportunity to love each other well, to see and expect the best, and to choose our focus carefully.

The question is, will we choose? Even as we acknowledge the reality of whatever happens on Tuesday, will we actively choose to see beauty, celebrate brilliance, and know hope? (They've been there all along, you know. We just got distracted.)

So... not to put any more pressure on us, but what happens next depends far less on election results, and far more on whether we choose to focus our attention on what pulls us forward or what holds us back.

What happens the day after? I guess that's up to us.