What happened to your aspirations?


Confidence: The feeling you have right up to the point where you fully appreciate what you don't know. Remember when your aspirations were high? When it felt like anything was possible? When you knew you could do it better than this, and couldn't wait to be running the show?

What happened?

Reality! You discovered it was "complicated," that everything takes longer than you first thought, and that your beautiful vision too often gets lost in just getting it done?

Yeah, no. Nice try, but no cigar. Reality has been around for as long as you have, and it didn't used to matter so much. You tried anyway. You did it anyway. And your unbridled enthusiasm inspired others to do it with you - anyway.

Reality isn't the problem; our focus on what we have chosen to call reality is.

So the answer is simple, if not easy. Reality always includes what we want and what we do not want. Consciously look for the realities that are a match for your vision.

Example: The current political reality feels dark and foreboding AND has caused us to wake up to our beliefs, our values and who we choose to be - even in the face of fear.

Amplify the first, and the next logical step is panic, disillusionment and fear. Amplify the second, and the next logical step is to recommit, get creative and take risks.

Example: Your team may be exhausted and disillusioned AND may be unbelievably committed and inspired by the people they serve.


Confidence: The feeling you have when "what is" and "what is possible" are a match.

Wisdom: The ability to choose.