The only choice - is yours


Love your life...      (or not). Be inspired...     (or not).

Do great work...     (or not).

Go first...     (or not).

Lead...     (or not).

These are the choices to be made. Each, a binary choice; there are no others.

Making them true is not binary, but making the choice is.

Only once the choice is made can you align with the evidence that matches your choice. (Really?)

Reasons to love your life (or not) co-exist at all times. It is your choice that determines your focus.

Reasons to be inspired, evidence of great work, and opportunities to go first (or not) co-exist at all times. Only your choice determines what you can see and amplify. Choice controls your filter. You must choose before you can align.

First comes the choice, then comes the alignment with that choice.

What comes next is not a sudden, slap-of-the-forehead, quantum-leap transformation of your reality, but rather the beginning of an evolution in the direction of it. Not a revolution, but an evolution.

Choose... Align... Evolve... In that order, and repeated moment to moment, and you will have mastered the secret of inspired and inspiring leaders. They choose consciously and often. The rest follows naturally.

This is what distinguishes Inspired Personal Leaders from all the rest.

Your choice... right now... in this moment....