Not again! The blessing of patterns


Sasha is a magnet for dependent, emotionally immature men - and keeps inviting them into her life. Different player/same relationship, over and over again. Jordan's company always seems to be in crisis. The leaders have the best intentions and promote the right values, but drama and instability always prevail.

Innocent people are murdered, in significant numbers, in random places, by killers with guns, whose motivations are, at best, a mystery.

Are these three so different? In each case, the pattern repeats, unabated, not because we want to do it again, but because we don't know what else to do. Pure repetition has engendered a kind of fretful hand wringing, but little in the way of insight, and even less in the way of change.

The blessing in these unrelenting reminders - yet another dependent guy, another organizational crisis, another senseless loss of life - is that they are stark, obvious, and hard to miss. Each stands as a divine invitation to change where we stand, so our next logical step moves us in a new direction.

What would it look like to resist the temptation to think, say or do what you've always said, thought or done?

What would it look like to think the unfamiliar, say the unexpected or do the uncomfortable?

Most important, what would it be like to choose.

It would feel like being alive.

Chris Trout1 Comment