Light the Candle


 As we close out this extraordinary year, it feels right to adapt for our time a piece first published three years ago.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.~ Chinese Proverb

No matter what your tradition, that is the the invitation of this amazing season: to light the candle - to be the light.

But life happens, and sometimes it is dark... and we notice the darkness, and we call it "what is."

However, darkness (as my daughter says) "is not a thing."You cannot walk into a room and turn on the dark, for darkness is nothing but the absence of light. Cursing the darkness as you stand by the light switch is just as absurd as it sounds. 

You needn't wait for someone else to turn on the light. You carry the light in your eyes.

That light attracts the experiences and relationships that light you up. 

That light illuminates the right action that changes lives. 

That light is the source of inspiration that calls you forward. 

And that light is "what is." With the most exquisite perfection, you are presented with a world in which the sun rises, the planets align, babies laugh, beauty abounds, and love is at your fingertips. All you need do is notice, appreciate, and call it real.

As you reflect this light, the brightness of your light calls another, and another, and another, until the light overwhelms the darkness, quiets violence, transforms hate, and loves abundantly.

All because you noticed the light - and called it real.

Time to shine.