It's your job to see beauty!


Even (especially?) leaders tend to see work as a list of responsibilities: coordinate, oversee, organize... We rarely use words that reflect what matters most: inspire, empower, engage... But real leaders don't have the luxury of simply executing tasks and strategies. Leadership requires insight, intentionality, nuance and curiosity.

And leaders must see beauty.

Beauty? Seriously? Yep. If you only see what everyone else sees, how can you possibly inspire others to go where they would not have gone alone? (My favorite definition of leadership.)

If you can't see the beauty and strengths in the people around you, how can you grow them and build on them?

If you can't see the beauty of possibility, how can you possibly articulate a vision for the future that is compelling and contagious and inspires a deep commitment to the journey?

No, once you stop seeing beauty, you stop leading. You've relegated yourself to the plight of the day laborer, working to get it done, go home, and do it again tomorrow.

Is that what you want? Or did you choose to lead because you imagined something new, something different, something beautiful?

Does it thrill you to know that others may arrive to their labor every day simply because they want to see what you see, and help make it real?

Tasks and strategies can be ticked off a list that will never end. But seeing beauty is art. It is where the juice is. It is where creation happens.

And it is the one thing everyone is counting on you to do.