In this season of love...



I recently came across a piece I wrote in 2010 called "Is Love Critical?"  In it, I shared three simple strategies to increase the experience of love in your life. At a time in our world when both the evidence of love and the absence of it clamor for our attention, we get to choose.

Strategy #1: Love - all the time and everywhere you go. And get really good at it. That's it. Be a lover. Everywhere you go. Love the clerk at the grocery with your smile and your greeting and your generosity of spirit. Aim to change his/her day. Love your co-worker by finding one thing that is lovable and focusing all your attention on it. Love your kids by listening more than you talk and laughing more than you snarl.

Love means making everyone you meet wonder what you've been drinking.

Oh, the big gestures are nice too: volunteering at the soup kitchen, mentoring a kid, visiting sick people. But love lives mostly in the mundane, minuscule, everyday gestures that make others feel loved and cared for. Do that well and it will come back to you ten-fold.

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Strategy #2: Be lovable. Ironically, do #1 well and #2 is covered.

Strategy #3: Allow love to flow through you. Live in a constant state of appreciation for the phenomenal world you live in. Be fully on the ride you are on, even when that ride is scary or confusing or uncertain. Choose your focus. Notice the miracles - even the little ones. Be amazed at the coincidences. Allow love.

Sound trite? Tough. That's the way it is. As complex and nuanced as love can be, it is, at its core, incredibly simple.

Love well. Be lovable. Allow love.

May your holidays be filled with abundant love, endless blessings, and the eyes to see them both in every moment.