In the absence of vision


I'm sitting on the pretty outdoor patio of a local restaurant, noticing. The food is decent. The service is what you'd expect. The surroundings are nicer than most. Yet, something is clearly missing. There's no life here, no sense of purpose, nothing they are trying to achieve.  And in this void, my mind wishes the table umbrellas were bigger, so I wasn't so hot. My food takes a little too long to arrive and is vaguely disappointing when it does. And my mind locks onto myriad other problems that would explain the way I feel.

This is what happens in the absence of a vision. We want to fill the void, so we notice what isn't working and imagine how it could be fixed, as if fixing it will change the way it feels - or is. (Can you say Brexit? The Donald?)

What is your vision? And how much of your busy-ness is an attempt to move the chess pieces around, in hopes that you will feel more engaged, fulfilled, inspired? But that misses the point, doesn't it? Vision has an energy all its own, and in its absence, fixing things in just busy work.

Conversely, once a compelling vision is introduced, the inevitable myriad mistakes and lackings are forgiven - or never noticed in the first place. When we sense that people are trying to do something meaningful, we give them the benefit of the doubt. Once we set out to realize a vision, we do the same for ourselves.

The problem at that restaurant wasn't the problems I could name, it was that these problems were not in the service of anything better.

What is your vision? What pulls you forward? Once you know that, you will be exponentially more forgiving of the inevitable mistakes that will happen along the way.

And if problems are all you can see, perhaps it's time to stop and remember why you are there at all.

Vision = life. Do you have one?