How to dream anew when it's been way too long...


Ugh, that feeling - when you realize how long it's been since you dreamt of something new and wonderful - since you envisioned the seemingly impossible, then made it so anyway. It was easier when you were younger, before you learned how hard it could be, how long it could take, and the inevitable barriers along the way. An inspired idea was enough. You'd jump in with both feet. Plenty of time to learn to swim later. For now, there was work to be done, a dream to be realized.

What about now? Has "reality" stolen your ability to dream of something better? Well, that can't be right! Real magic lives at the juncture of wisdom - born of rich experiences and deep insights - and the ability to dream anew. And the world needs real magic. The world needs you.

If it's been too long, and simply "getting it done" has replaced "seeing what's possible," here is a way to awaken that dreaming muscle.

Step 1: Close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart, then the other on top of that. Now, remember. Remember what it was like to feel excited and inspired (and determined and fearless). There is a reason they call this "whole hearted."

Step 2:  Look around for evidence of this energy around you: genuinely caring people taking to the streets, communities gathering to support someone in need, random acts of kindness or courage. These stories are everywhere - if you choose to see them. Choose. Appreciate each deeply and allow the momentum of your noticing to show you more.

Step 3: Standing in this new state of appreciation for what is, choose just one aspect of your work/life and ask this question: "What if...?" Be happy with whatever comes to you, no matter how small. Let go of judgment and simply ask, "what if...?" and notice what comes next.

Step 4: See your "what if" from step 3 as a done deal. Using your imagination, step into that world, where this "what if" has been fully realized, and walk around a bit. Notice how it feels, how people act, what happens next.

Step 5: Standing in this new feeling place, ask the question again: "What if...?" Now do it again. Repeat this step as many times as you like, feeling yourself step onto higher and higher platforms, each with a slightly better view and broader horizon from which to imagine the next "What if...?"

That's it. If you will do this with an open heart, you will begin to dream anew. What you do next is up to you, but the feeling of dreaming anew, even if just a little, will most certainly change what happens next.

Sweet dreams.