Full of thanks, and...


This is the season we all strive to be genuinely full of thanksgiving - and so we should be. Even in the midst of our suffering, there is so much for which to be grateful. We live in a Universe where, truly, in the midst of nothing, there is plenty. And...

There is this longing - this longing for deep purpose, lasting clarity, exuberant joy, genuine peace.

It comes in moments, teases us through the veil, and draws us forward when we allow it.

It. Is. Life. The very life force that calls us to awaken and move out into the world of possibility.

So why do we doubt it? Why do we relegate it to tomorrow? As soon as? One day?

And what if we didn't?

This is my invitation to you: To be grateful (genuinely and deeply grateful) for this longing, and to ask, "What if I wait no longer to respond fully and without reservation? What if nothing is so important as my purpose, my passion, my clarity, my joy?"

And what if you discover that, in your not-waiting, everyone around you is released from their waiting, and is inspired to their longing.

There is no arrival and there is no end to this longing, for we have only begun to discover the peace that comes from joy, the freedom that comes from clarity, the power that comes from purpose. So, we must begin now, for life itself depends on it.

So, give thanks for all that is, then stay in that gratitude and give thanks for this Universe of infinite possibility - and your longing that will guide you there.

No waiting.