Do you know what you're doing?


Do you know what you're doing?Not, do you know what's on your to-do list? Not, are you good at doing what's on your to-do list?

Do you know what you're trying to achieve? Your purpose? Your why? Or did that long ago take a back seat to getting things done?

Don't get me wrong. We're really good at being "busy." What we're not so good at is remembering where we are going - and why. (And we wonder why we so rarely get there.)

Imagine leaving on a cross-country trip and forgetting where you were headed. The spontaneous adventures would be satisfying for a while, but soon you'd tire of making decisions without any compass. Do I turn right or left? Do I stay on the highway or get off at the next exit?

Yet, this happens all the time in organizations - and in our lives! We get so engaged with the day-to-day "doing" that we forget where we wanted to go.

What would happen if you could close your eyes and vividly see where you want to go? If you could feel the pull of it? If you could experience, through that movie in your mind, the deepest meaning and purpose of the journey.

And what would happen if imagining that was the first thing on your to-do list every day?

Hmm. You might feel excited every day. Problems might get solved with greater ease and speed. New ideas might come with greater frequency.

If only you remembered.

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