Do you create or discover?



"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."~ Michelangelo

I've always thought that, before I died, I wanted to create something truly original. What life has taught me is that the process of discovery is far more thrilling than the process of creation. Creation is bound by my own thoughts and experiences. Discovery is bound only by what I can allow myself to see.

I can pretend that I conceived and developed Inspired Personal Leadership™, but the truth is much more exciting. Once I saw the possibility of IPL, the breadth and depth of its application began to reveal itself, surprising and delighting me every day. IPL already existed; I just get to have the fun of uncovering it - as Michelangelo said, of "chipping away the excess pieces" to reveal what is inside.

And so it is with IPL...

The IPL teacher is not powerful because s/he creates a new curriculum or strategy (though that may happen), but because s/he sees the masterpiece already hidden within each student and seeks to uncover it (not create it).

IPL leaders are not transformative because they've figured out the best way to lead, but because their vision of both "what is" and "what is possible" is so compelling that others want to be part of "making it so."

And you. Your power - as a partner, parent, citizen, friend - lies in your ability to discover what is strong and beautiful around you (and in you), then amplify it in every aspect of your life.

What if, today, we all began to be more curious than judging, more curious than right, more curious than sure.

What might we discover - then be inspired to reveal?