Beyond Thankful


Welcome to my life...No pay for sick days or vacations. Weekends are an illusion from the past. Health insurance premiums are a nightmare.

And I am thankful beyond words.

Failures outnumber successes. Uncertainty is my constant companion. Fear stands waiting.

And I am thankful beyond words.

Freedom stands shoulder to shoulder with awesome responsibility. Limitless creativity competes with ground-zero practicality. Ease requires unfathomable faith.

And I am thankful beyond words.

Thankful to still be standing nearly 15 years after I started this grand experiment. Thankful to walk the dog - and stop at the bakery - in the middle of the day. Thankful to do what I love and follow my next calling.

Thankful to witness miracles. Thankful to ponder what matters most. Thankful for a web that reaches beyond my comprehension.

Why does the dog hang its head out the window at 60 MPH, when it knows it will get bugs in its teeth? Because the thrill of the ride is worth the bugs in its teeth.

So, when the failures take their toll, and fear has its way, I stretch my arms open wide, throw my head back in delight, and bellow...

What a freakin' ride!!

Because at the end of the day I am thankful beyond words To be on this extraordinary journey.

Are you?