Are You Your Own Resistance?


Clarity is that incredible thing that happens when your inner voices and your outer intentions agree. Clarity comes when your aspirations are the next logical step from where you stand ("where you stand" being a state of mind, not a state of circumstances).

Resistance is created when your habitual thoughts (especially about yourself) are at odds with those beautiful intentions. The bigger the gap, the greater the resistance.

So what do we do with our maddeningly negative self-talk? Our inner judges? Our internal nay-sayers?

We resist. We push back. We go to battle.

Problem is, we go to battle with ourselves - and battles are all about dis-agreement (while clarity is about agreement).

So, we stand in the disagreement, at war with ourselves, and ask for clarity.


Here's a clue: You're a miracle, a magnificent creation of a Universe that seems to know what it's doing. Start with that thought - which is in perfect agreement with your aspirations - and clarity moves closer, fast.

BTW, you'll also have way more energy. Resistance is exhausting. War is hell.

Clarity is neither.