Lost in the trees? Look up. 


I often wake up with my mind staring at something I don't want. By nature or nurture (I know about the childhood nurture, for sure), this is the way my brain works. So I've had to teach myself to look away - quickly, before momentum takes over and ruins my day.

Why? If I keep looking at that "lack tree" in front of me, my mind obediently begins to collect all the evidence it can find - in my memories, my regrets, and my current circumstances - that this forest of “lack trees” is, in fact, my reality. Soon (very soon), I am completely lost in these lack thoughts and am careening, with breathtaking momentum, toward "I-suck-ville."


But here's the thing. These thoughts reside inside me and I can only see them when my focus is inward - tight and narrow. (I think this might be what is meant by having your “head up your…”) It is only when I relax my focus and look up - I mean literally look up and around - that can see that more exists than the trees that had so captured my attention; that there are realities beyond what has my attention in any given moment. It is only when I look up that I can see the sky, and the infinite realities it points to.

On a good day, it only takes one little glimpse of that sky for my brain to start collecting evidence of vastness, abundance and possibility. On a bad day, I have to milk that glimpse a bit, prime the pump for those new thoughts by holding my attention on the this new place for a moment.

I'm not saying it is easy. (The habit of seeing what I'm used to seeing is strong and, after all, those trees in front of me are real!) But it is simple.

Look up. Look out. There is so much more than that tree in front of you, and your mind stands ready to collect new evidence and gain new momentum in a whole new direction.

Look up! Others are counting on you.

Chris TroutComment